My love for making Jewellery goes back to around when I was 7 years old. I used to weave rings and necklaces from the leaves of Sheoak trees in my recess breaks and sell them for 10c each to go and buy pikelets from the school canteen. This progressed to then making and selling beaded jewellery with my Aunty Michelle at the local Rockingham Sunday Markets. In high school I was so excited to find out that they actually offered a Jewellery Manufacture course, it was from this point that I knew I had found my career.


Fast forward a few years later and I had landed my self an apprenticeship with Kailis Pearls. I spent a year at Kailis learning absolutely everything that there is to know about Australian South Sea Pearls. One of my highlights from working at Kailis was getting to work on a necklace for Oprah and Gale on their Australian Down Under Tour.


In 2011 I transferred my apprenticeship to Rohan Jewellery in Leedervile to follow my passion and desire to hand make jewellery of the highest quality. As an apprentice I was very proud to be awarded Apprentice of the Year and I was also a medallist at a National level in the World Skills competition. 


After completing my apprenticeship I was hired as a fully qualified Jeweller at Tayha Designs in Mt Lawley. The opportunities and level of work that I got to create is what really progressed my skills. 

In 2014 I registered Elova Jewellery and began working part time from a home workshop in Waikiki WA. Now I run Elova Jewellery from The Lab Factory in Rockingham in between helping raise my two children.


I love being able to work closely with my clients and share the whole process. Whether its repairing a sentimental family heirloom, creating a custom designed piece of jewellery from scratch or remodelling old jewellery and giving it a new life. Whilst working I take videos and photos to document the captivating process, I feel that its so important to keep the client updated and informed.


Each piece tells a different story, what would yours look like?

Erin Evans, Owner of Elova Jewellery