The process begins with your first enquiry, whether you have a design, budget or idea in mind. From here we are able to either book a complimentary one-on-one consultation which is held at The Lab Factory in Rockingham, or continue correspondence through email where we can develop your design.


After the initial complimentary consultation, you will be emailed estimates for the work we have discussed. If after this stage you are still happy to continue, the fun part really begins and we can start sketching your beautiful designs and sourcing the perfect stones. This stage costs $150, which includes two to four hand sketched and rendered designs, along with a stone viewing appointment. This fee comes off the total of your invoice should you decide to go ahead. All of our gemstone and diamond suppliers are based in Australia which guarantee that all of their stones are sourced ethically and are conflict free.


Once we have finalised the perfect design and selected a beautiful stone, we require the chosen gemstone/diamond to be paid for in full and a 50% deposit towards the make. 

The manufacturing process takes place in our workshop in Rockingham, all of our pieces of jewellery are made one at a time and are forged by hand. It generally takes around 6-8 weeks once the deposit has been received. Whilst making your custom piece we love to keep in touch and send you exclusive behind the scenes pictures to show you how everything is going, after all its an exciting time!


On completion we require the remaining amount on the invoice, which can be paid for via bank transfer prior to collection, or by Eftpos on the day. Along with collecting your new stunning piece of jewellery, you are shown a short video where we piece together all of the footage to commemorate how your new heirloom came to be.


It is truly a unique experience and will be something that you will treasure forever. 


In our world today we have become such a throw away society, including our jewellery. So much  of the jewellery that is available today is mass produced using casting techniques, creating a product that isn't built to last. My mission is to create jewellery to last a lifetime using traditional goldsmith techniques, hand forging each piece to ensure the highest quality possible. This is also very important for settings on central stones and reduces the risk of claws snapping off and stones falling out. Also, when a piece is handmade each stone setting is cut individually by hand to compensate in slight variances in size and shapes of the stones, compared to a mass produced piece where all of the holes are pre drilled and sometimes the stones are even set during the casting process which are notorious for falling out . A handmade piece will stand to last for a lifetime if taken care of appropriately.